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Terms and conditions of sale

These “Terms and Conditions of Sale” together with the “Terms of Use” and “Transaction Security” apply to any sale of products or services (hereinafter “Products or Services ») carried out by the company under the name ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; ΣΙΑ Ο.Ε, τον δ.τ. “FREEBOX” based in Katerini, Pieria, 28th of October Street, number 9, with Αρ.Γ.Ε.ΜΗ. 052395548000 , with Tax Identification Number: 082634030 of the Tax Office. Katerinis (hereinafter the “COMPANY” ) through its online store, www.freebox.gr (hereinafter “Online Store” ) and constitute the overall binding agreement between the COMPANY and of its Customers.

1. Registration or Login
For transaction security reasons, the Online Store User (hereinafter “User” or “Customer” ) before starting the process his order can be registered in the online store. To register or connect the User to the online store, only name, password and email are required. This information remains strictly confidential. The COMPANY reserves the right after the explicit consent of the user to use this information to send updates on new products or offers to customers or registered users in the online store. If at any time the User wishes to cancel his registration in the list of addresses / email, he can do so either automatically or by sending an email to info@freebox.gr in order to request the deletion or change of his personal data.

2. Order. Submission and Acceptance
2.1 Submission of electronic order – Proposal for purchase of goods

The order of products and / or services is submitted through the completion and sending of the special Order Form available in the online store. Your order is considered received by ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE from the moment you receive a relevant update with the indication “Your order in FreeBox has been received!”. During the processing of each registered order, the stock availability of the products you ordered is confirmed. In case the availability or delivery time differs from the one indicated on the product page, a relevant information will be received. With this marking, the Customer expressly and unreservedly states that before submitting his order he received in a clear and understandable way the following information:

  1. The main features of the products and / or services ordered , as described on the online store pages. The Customer must check each relevant feature, before submitting his order, so as not to have any doubts about the features and properties of the ordered products and / or services. The COMPANY has no responsibility in case the Customer failed to be adequately informed about the above.
  2. The identity, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the COMPANY as well as the supplier of the ordered products and / or services.
  3. The total price of the order products and / or services, including VAT , any other charges and any additional shipping, delivery or postage charges as well as any other charges. When these charges can not be reasonably calculated in advance, the fact that such additional charges may be required becomes known to the Customer in the text of the order (order form) and the Customer must be informed before placing the order. Additional charges or other costs that were not disclosed to the Customer prior to the submission of the order or in case they could not be calculated during the order were not notified to the Customer by telephone prior to confirmation of receipt of the order, then these are not borne by the Customer without prior notice. his consent. In particular, the listed prices of products and / or services as entered in the online store are the final ones (including the corresponding VAT).
  4. The means of payment, delivery, execution, but also the deadline within which the COMPANY undertakes to deliver the goods or provide the services.
  5. Delivery restrictions and means of payment.
  6. The conditions, exceptions, the deadline and the procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal as well as the obligation to charge the Customer with the direct cost of returning the products to the COMPANY, in case of his withdrawal.
  7. The cost to and from our warehouses in case of withdrawal is set at 20% on the final value of the products to be returned with a minimum of 10 €
  8. In case the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal after having used the product, he will have to pay reasonable cost to the COMPANY.
  9. When no right of withdrawal is granted under the Act, the information that the Customer will not have the right of withdrawal or, as the case may be, the circumstances in which the Customer loses the right of withdrawal >.
  10. The existence of the LIABILITY of the COMPANY for real defects and lack of agreed properties according to articles 534 et seq. Of the Civil Code.
  11. Where applicable, the existence and terms of application of Customer Support Services after-sales, after-sales service and commercial warranties .
  12. The obligation to pay upon submission of the order.
  13. Where applicable, the existence and conditions of deposit of money or other financial guarantees (eg advance payment in case of pre-order, etc.) to be paid or provided by the Customer, whenever the COMPANY requests it.

Sending the order to the COMPANY is a proposal for the purchase of the ordered goods and a statement of acceptance of all the charges described in the order.

2.2 Confirmation of receipt of electronic order – Preparation of sale
The order is not binding on the COMPANY, before the Customer receives the confirmation of acceptance of the order from the COMPANY, as described below. < / p>

The order is considered received by the COMPANY from the moment the Customer receives the relevant update of the order status with the indication «Your order with number xxxxxxx and value xxxx € from FreeBox has taken !. ». Order status updates appear on the User’s screen and are emailed to the contact email address entered by the User / Customer. In case of a telephone order where the customer does not have an email, the user declares by phone that he has read and accepts the terms of use and sales. The status of the order is constantly updated as and when changes occur during the management of the order. The Customer must check the “Order Registration Confirmation” and immediately inform the COMPANY (no later than 2 hours from the time of receipt of electronic notice marked “Order Registration”) in writing for any error, otherwise the information referred to in ” Confirmation Order Registration “will be applied in the Sales Contract.

The Customer has the ability to be informed about the progress of the order, either by phone tel: 2152 156 411 , or by sending an e-mail (e-mail to info@freebox.gr ) or electronically by logging in to his account by entering his personal information in the fields username and password and selecting “order tracking”, if has placed his order electronically and has also stated his email .

During the processing of each registered order, the stock availability of the products of the order is confirmed. In case the availability or delivery time differs from the one indicated on the product page, the Customer will receive a relevant information. In particular, the COMPANY and if it ascertains the availability of the product and the lack of any errors in the online store regarding the pricing or price of the products, their characteristics, etc. by email (e-mail) will confirm the acceptance of the order. The above e-mail will explicitly confirm the content of the order, the total price, and the estimated delivery time of the order, as it became known to the Customer already before the submission of the order.

All products are available in a pre-assembled package.

Photos of main products that may contain decorations and other accessories are not included with the product and therefore were not sold, are in the image only for aesthetic reasons. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of the products displayed in our online store. However, we can not guarantee that the screen of your device renders the colors accurately.

Limitations of Liability In the context of good faith and transactional ethics, the COMPANY is not obliged to accept orders and enter into sales of products and / or services, which due to typographical or computer error, appear in the online store with a wrong value , that is, less than or greater than the current value for that period. If in the order such an error in the price is found only in a part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and executed normally for the other products and is considered incomplete for the products in which the error was found, unless the items in the order are relevant, they are to be used as a whole and operate as a unit with each other and the Customer declares that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests, so the COMPANY must cancel the entire order. </p/ >

In case of incorrect shipment of non-ordered products or services , their unconditional receipt or failure to inform the COMPANY and return the products can not be considered as consent, acceptance or declaration of intent to purchase them. In case a refund is requested by the COMPANY and the Customer delays to return these products for a period longer than seven (7) calendar days then this refusal constitutes a statement of intent to purchase the items and the order is considered that has been confirmed and the Customer must pay their value.

Online store prices are subject to change at any time without notice. The listed prices of products and services are valid for purchases from the online store.

The various product offers are valid until stocks last. In case of low / limited availability of product stock that has been offered by ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE reserves the reasonable right for the relevant orders to be executed with the criterion of satisfaction of as many of its customers as possible, ie orders registered by different / separate users. ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE tries to provide you with high quality services every day. ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE in the context of good faith and continuous effort for the perfect provision of services always tries to perform its products with the maximum degree of simulation in reality and with the corresponding prices listed on the website www.freebox.gr. However it can not guarantee that there will be no errors for any reason when importing and / or updating the features and / or price of a product. In the context of good faith and for your own protection, if you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, before proceeding with its order, contact 2152 156 411 or through its contact form website.

3. Product availability
ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE provides the user with the possibility of ordering the products, which are available, through the online store and with ways of receiving and sending as they are described in paragraph 4.

The Customer is informed about the availability of the products through indications that are placed on the page of each product or service in the online store. The COMPANY reserves the right to make its products available if they are not available at the time of the order. In this case, the COMPANY reserves the right not to accept the specific order and therefore not to make the sale. Any payments will be returned to the Customer without undue delay, in the same way that the Customer chose to pay for his order. Special availability cases are as follows:

  • Available: Based on the latest online store update, the product is available in our warehouse.
  • Limited availability: Based on the latest online store update, only a few pieces of this product remain (order of priority)
  • Expected – Date of Receipt DD / MM / YYYY: Based on the latest update of the online store the product is not immediately available and your system shows you the approximate date of receipt.
  • Not Available: Based on the latest online store update, the product is not available in our warehouse.
  • After manufacture: Based on the latest update of the online store the product will be requested to be manufactured and the Customer will receive information about the availability of the product within 7-12 working days from the submission of his order. In this case an advance payment of part of the price may be requested up to full payment depending on the nature of the item. The manufacturing and receipt time of the product from our company ranges from 10-14 working days. Once this process is completed the delivery time of the product is the same as the normal shipping process.

ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE, will make every effort to send you the products within 1-7 working days (Monday to Friday) for the products that are immediately available. Partial delivery is also possible. The place of delivery is mentioned in the “Order Registration”. The COMPANY reserves the right to inform the Customer in case of assistance due to reasons that make the product unavailable or for the possible (new) delivery time if there are reasons for delay in delivery. In this case, if it is deemed that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the Customer, the Customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order with a written statement (via email to info@freebox.gr). If the order is canceled and thus the contract of sale is terminated, the COMPANY must return, without undue delay, all the money paid to it by the Customer.

Ownership of the product is transferred after full payment while the risk is transferred upon delivery, even the goods are shipped on behalf of the customer at risk. You should check for damage before the carrier, in case you sign and the carrier is removed you do not recognize any damage. In the event that the customer does not pick up the product himself and instead receives a third party on behalf of the customer, ANGELOPOULOS BROS does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused during transport.

Do not order part availability If the unavailability concerns only part of the ordered products, the balance of the order is executed normally, unless the order products are relevant, and will be used as a whole and the Customer declares that the partial execution of the order does not serve its needs or interests, so the COMPANY must cancel the entire order.

4. Delivery of order
4.1. Place of Delivery

  • Delivery to the place specified by the Customer: In case the product is sent to the place chosen by the Customer , the product is delivered to an external partner – carrier and the Customer is informed electronically, that the product is ready to ship. Since after the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the Customer, the latter must check upon receipt of the products he receives, as by signing at receipt he confirms that he received the products of his order correctly. If the Customer does not receive the product after receiving the notice to be sent and despite the relevant notice from the carrier, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.
  • Receipt from the main warehouses: In the first stage of order completion, select “In our warehouses” in the way of receipt. In order to receive your order from our central warehouses, your order must have been paid in full in advance for the commitment of the products and not upon receipt. You will be informed about when your order will be ready for receipt. Since after the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the Customer, the latter must check upon receipt of the products he receives, as by signing at receipt he confirms that he received the products of his order correctly. Receipts of goods from our warehouses are made daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm & amp; on Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Pick up from the agency: In this case, our company undertakes the transfer to the agency and charges you the corresponding amount. Since after the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the Customer, the latter must check upon receipt of the products he receives, as by signing at receipt he confirms that he received the products of his order correctly. If the Customer does not receive the product after receiving the notice to be sent and despite the relevant notice from the carrier, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.

Shipping Time The time required to start shipping your order is 48 hours (2 business days) if the products are ready to ship. The small volume products (eg electrical items, household items, decorations, paintings, etc.) which are ready to be delivered are sent the next day by courier and you receive them in 1-5 working days. Overweight or bulky products, such as (eg furniture, sleeping mats, heavy-duty umbrellas, etc.), which are ready to be delivered, are sent by transport agencies to your place and you receive them in 4 to 7 working days and at times set by each transport, indicative for Athens 10:00 am to 16:00 pm.

Courier: With ELTA Courier come the products that have limited weight and volume. The company ELTA courier undertakes the shipment to the remote areas at no extra charge, however it delivers the products to the post office of the area and not to the place of delivery.

For particularly heavy or bulky products, the company sends the products by means of transport .

For purchases outside Greece: it is necessary to consult (in terms of billing and shipping methods) with the company ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; ΣΙΑ Ο.Ε

It should be noted that the transport companies in the following prefectures, Grevena, Imathia, Kastoria, Kilkis, Lassithi, Magnesia, Pella, Serres, Trikala and Halkidiki do not have transport agencies for Pickup from the agency. Instead, the respective transport company communicates with the customer and they give a point in order for the delivery of the products.

Also, depending on the area code where the delivery is to take place, our system shows you the available shipping methods. The free transfer concerns only the capitals of the prefectures. If your TC is located outside the capital of the prefecture, then our system shows you as an available way of sending and receiving from the transport agency with which we cooperate in your area

Force majeure: THE COMPANY is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) due to cases that can not be attributed to the fault of the COMPANY or due to force majeure and as a result therefore the COMPANY is entitled to an extension of the execution time. Examples include strikes, terrorist acts, war, supplier / transportation / production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than two (2) months, the contract of sale can be terminated by any party without compensation. If the Customer deems that he no longer has an interest in the execution of the order, he is entitled to terminate the contract of sale and the COMPANY is obliged to return the price and any other amount paid under the contract of sale.

4.2. Defective Products
To avoid your own inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order the condition of the products sold and their packaging intact, in order to identify any obvious defects (e.g. .x. broken goods, etc). In case you find a defect you should contact our online store immediately after delivery the same day or the next business day at 2152 156 411 or through the contact form of our website.

Return policy of ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE does not concern defective products, which are covered by their respective guarantees.

5. Right of withdrawal from the distance contracts based on Law 2251/1994 (as amended by K.Y.A. Z1-891 / 2013) – Return of products
The Customer can return easily the products he has purchased from the online store because he just changed his mind, within fourteen (14) days of receiving them . The Customer can deliver the products directly to the central warehouse of the COMPANY or send them at his own expense to the central warehouse of the COMPANY. In any case for online orders, the Customer is obliged before the return of the products to contact the Customer Service department of the COMPANY, either by phone (tel: 2152 156 411) , or by sending an e-mail ( e-mail to the electronic address: info@freebox.gr). In particular, the Customer has the above right to return a product purchased from the online store without stating the reasons, under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Within fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery or receipt (when the Customer has chosen “receipt from the warehouses”) and in case of many goods ordered by the Customer with one order and delivered separately from the time of receipt and the last , the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the sale (hereinafter “Withdrawal” ).
  2. This withdrawal is unjustified and the Customer must return the product exactly in the excellent condition he received it. In particular, the returned product must not have been used, it must be in excellent condition (“as new”), as just before the sale, in its complete original packaging (box, nylon, foam, etc.) which should not have tears or damage / deterioration) and with all the contents of the original packaging (instructions for use, specifications and warranties, etc.). In addition, in order for the product to be returned, the original purchase document (retail receipt, invoice) must be displayed by the person who originally purchased the product and whose details are printed on the purchase document.
  3. The return of the item is accepted, only if the Customer has previously paid any amount charged to the COMPANY for the shipment of the product to him and the shipping costs for its return.
  4. The declaration of withdrawal is exercised in writing by completing the relevant form and sending it a) or to the postal address of the COMPANY (“ANGELOPOULOS BROS AND CO. OE”, 7th km of Old National Road Katerini – Thessaloniki (Korinos), PC 60100), b) either at the email address info@freebox.gr and the COMPANY is obliged to confirm in writing the receipt of the withdrawal statement as soon as it receives it.
  5. The Customer is obliged to return the products within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which he notified the withdrawal to “ANGELOPOULOS BROS AND CO. OE.” , 7th km of Paleas Ethnikis Odos Katerinis – Thessaloniki (Korinos), 60100
  6. Following the withdrawal statement, the COMPANY is obliged to return to the Customer the price received. In case of debiting the Customer by credit card, the COMPANY, once it has received the price from the Bank, will be obliged to inform the Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the Bank will take any action provided. The COMPANY, following this information, bears no responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the rebuttal, which is regulated by the contract drawn up between the issuing bank and the Customer. In case the Customer had chosen the option “collection from our central warehouses”, the refund to him will be made by bank, either by returning the money (equal amount) to a declared bank account, or by crediting an equal amount to credit or debit card details of which you must notify us. For products purchased with a consumer loan it is not possible to repay the money due to the impossibility of canceling the consumer loan, the Customer is exclusively entitled to receive a credit note of equal value for the purchase of another product (s).
  7. The refund of the price due to withdrawal to the Customer will be made no later than within fourteen (14) working days from the time the COMPANY received proven knowledge of its withdrawal.
  8. The Customer is responsible to compensate the COMPANY, if he made use other than that which is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods in the period until the declaration of withdrawal, and the COMPANY is entitled to agree with the Customer its compensation even with mutual netting.
  9. Product that was sold with an extra gift will have to be returned with the extra gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refund.

6. Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal of par. 5
The right of withdrawal from article 4 § 10 of Law 2251/1994 does not apply:

  • Products that are not suitable for return , for health or hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed after delivery, such as personal care items, mattresses, pillows, linens, etc. .λ.
  • Products that have been used , even if they have been opened.
  • In the supply of goods manufactured according to the specifications you have set as a consumer or clearly personalized

7. Claims due to defect or lack of agreed quality
The Withdrawal of par. 5 hereof does not concern defective products or products in which there is a lack of agreed quality, which are covered by their respective warranties.

7.1. Seller Liability for Real Defects or Lack of Agreed Properties
In the event of the COMPANY being liable for a actual defect or for a lack of agreed quality of the product ( “legal guarantee” ), the Customer is entitled to his choice: a) to demand, without charge, the correction or replacement of the product with another, unless such an action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs, b) to request a reduction of the price or c) to withdraw from the contract of sale , unless it is an insignificant real defect and is done in violation of transactional ethics. In order for a property to be considered contracted, it must have been agreed in writing. If the Customer chooses the correction or replacement of the product, the COMPANY must make a correction or replacement in a reasonable time unless it is a gross violation of the users of transactional ethics.

The Customer must inform the COMPANY for any defect or lack of agreed quality within a reasonable period of time which can be judged on a case by case basis. The COMPANY must prove that the goods were not defective within the first 6 months of delivery. After this period, the consumer must prove that the goods were defective. The appeal of either the Customer or the COMPANY to an independent expert for an opinion is not excluded. > for mobile phones.

In any case that the Customer finds a defect has the opportunity to contact the online store immediately after delivery the same day or the next business day at 2152 156 411 or email info@freebox.gr. If a product is declared defective by the Customer, the COMPANY expressly reserves the right to pre-diagnose the product as defective by competent technicians.

Limitation of liability: THE COMPANY is exempt from the above obligations if it notified the Customer and so he knew, the defect or defect in the product. In addition, the COMPANY does not provide a guarantee, nor does it guarantee protection for the suitability of a product sold for any specific purpose even for damages caused to any person suffered.

7.2. Supplier Responsibility and Guarantee
2 year warranty from ANGELOPOULOS BROS AND CO. OE
Having as our primary goal to offer you reliable solutions that will make your home more functional and your life more comfortable, we always try to choose for you products of upgraded quality at reasonable prices. Our main concern is that these products have a long duration in time, so that, every time you buy from us, you can benefit from their use for a long time.

For this reason, we are happy able to offer you two years warranty for all products you buy online. This warranty covers any defective construction or material imperfections and the effective date is the date of purchase of each product. A prerequisite is to keep the original proof of purchase, which is the only proof of the date of purchase.

Once you contact us and after we verify that the product is covered by this warranty, we will take care of the repair and if this is not possible, for immediate replacement of the product. In case the product is no longer part of our range, the replacement will be made with another, similar product.

In parallel with the rights provided by ANGELOPOULOS BROS AND CO. The consumer reserves in any case all the rights that may arise from a possible warranty and the manufacturer, as well as from the current legislation on the goods and the contract of sale.

It is especially important to read carefully and to Follow the instructions for use of your product, as it contains important information for proper assembly, installation and operation.

In case you wish to use our services, please contact us either by phone (tel: 2152 156 411, or by sending an e-mail (e-mail to the email address: info@freebox.gr).


  • This guarantee is for the benefit of the original purchaser and is not transferable to others.
  • This warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged due to misuse, incorrect placement, assembly or installation, or interference by the buyer or third parties. The warranty does not cover products that have been modified or processed by unauthorized third parties.
  • The warranty does not cover the wear and tear caused by the normal operation of the products, nor the damages from falls, accidents or other external influences and interventions as well as the replacement of the consumable parts of the products for the same reasons and in what products they are. available from the COMPANY.
  • The warranty does not apply if the product has been used in a manner inconsistent with its intended use, e.g. for a product that has been used professionally while intended for home use only.

The customer must inform the COMPANY of any defective construction or defect of material within a reasonable period of time which at any time can be judged on a case by case basis by the COMPANY. The appeal of either the Customer or the COMPANY to an independent expert for an opinion is not excluded.

8. Payment methods
To see the detailed payment terms please refer to the following link https://www.freebox.gr/demo/tropoi-pliromis- 2 / .

9. Personal Data
The Customer fills in personal information (eg name, e-mail address, telephone, shipping address, address and billing details) in the special Order Form available in the online store, in order to submit to COMPANY (otherwise “us” or “us”) its order for products and / or services. The COMPANY, as the Responsible Processor, collects the information absolutely necessary for the processing of the above transactions entered by the Customer (“personal data” or “Data”), the Customer Data is retained by the COMPANY for the period required for fulfillment of the contract of sale with the Customer and in any case for a period not exceeding five years from the termination or expiration of this contract, as defined by law for the prescription of any claims and for reasons of liquidation. The tax data as well as those required for control purposes by the supervisory authorities will be observed as defined by the current legislation. They will then be destroyed safely, provided that their maintenance is no longer required to fulfill the above purpose or to cover the operational, tax, or accounting requirements of the COMPANY or to defend its rights before a Court or Authority. Customer Data is accessed by the absolutely necessary staff of the COMPANY, which is committed to maintaining confidentiality and the companies that cooperate with us, which process the Data as Executors of the Processing on our behalf and in accordance with our orders. For more information on the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, read the Privacy Policy .

10. Final Provisions
Contracts through the online store are governed by European and Greek Law , in particular by legislation governing matters relating to e-commerce, distance selling and consumer protection. Similarly, the site has been created and is controlled by the COMPANY in Katerini and the Greek Legislation will guide the use of the site and its interpretation. If the User chooses to access the site from another country, he has the responsibility to follow the Laws of that country.

Any dispute that arises and which arises from the contractual relationship between the COMPANY and the Customer, The substantive courts of Katerini are responsible for its resolution.For the out-of-court settlement of the dispute , the Customer can turn to the competent bodies for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, e.g. at the General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (Kanigos Square, 10181, Athens, www.efpolis.gr, tel .: 1520, fax: 2103843549), to the Consumer Ombudsman (www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr, 144 Alexandras Ave. 114 71, Athens, tel .: 2106460734, fax: 2106460414), to the Committees for Amicable Settlement of consumer disputes (article 11 of law 2251/1994) located in the local Municipalities of the country.

According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated into Greek legislation by JM 70330/2015, now provides for the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution process throughout the European Union. If the Customer has a problem with a purchase made from the Online Store and resides in the EU he can use this website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for out-of-court settlement of the difference. The certified for this purpose Alternative Dispute Resolution Body (ADR) is: European Consumer Center of Greece (ECC GREECE), Alexandras Ave. 144, 11 471, Athens, +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784 info@eccgreece.gr. The Customer can contact the above body in order to guide him throughout the process of submitting and processing his complaint.

The protection reserved by the provisions of the law on distance contracts, as well as These terms, it is emphasized, apply to transactions only with natural persons , which are traded for reasons that do not fall within their commercial, craft, business or liberal professional activity.

If any part of the contract of sale in accordance with these terms proves void or unenforceable by a court decision, the remaining contract will remain in force. The COMPANY may enter into an agreement for the assignment of its obligations to an appropriate third party. Otherwise, the Customer will not be entitled to assign or transfer his rights or obligations.

All notifications must be made in writing (manually, by e-mail, fax or letter by first class mail, which will be considered delivered 48 hours after posting).

11. Modification of the terms herein
ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of transactions, made through its online store, according to its needs, transactional manners and legislation. The modification or renewal will take effect from the moment this text is informed of any change. ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE does not undertake the obligation to inform the users for any modifications as well as for any change, through the website of this online store. Therefore, these terms of use may be revised and updated at any time without notice. The users of the website of ANGELOPOULOS BROS & amp; SIA OE are kindly requested to check at regular intervals these terms for any changes, as the continuous use of this website implies that they accept all possible modifications thereof. It is clarified that the change of terms does not occupy orders that you have already placed.

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